Environmental labelling

Stelmar undertakes to communicate, pursuant to current Italian legislation on environmental labeling of packaging, the products considered packaging involved in the B2B channel.
The products are illustrated below with their material coding and separate waste collection
( always check according to the provisions of your municipality )


    Plastic hangers and supports PS6/92 Plastic
    PVC or PEHD stickers PVC 3 – PEHD 05 Plastic
    Mater-bi envelopes Compostable 7 Humid
    Low density polyethylene bags PELD 4 Plastic
    High density polyethylene bags PEHD 2 Plastic
    Polypropylene envelopes PPL 5 Plastic
    Tissue paper / monogloss paper PAP 22 Paper
    Paper tags PAP 21 Paper
    Clips, cuts and plastic seals PS6 Plastic
    Stretch film PE-LD 4 Plastic
    PVC chokers and butterflies PVC 3 Plastic
    PPL or PVC adhesive tapes PP5 – PVC3 Plastic
    Polypropylene adhesive tape PP 5 Plastic
    Cardboard bibs and neck lists PAP 21 Paper
    Corrugated cardboard box PAP 20 Paper
    Corrugated cardboard boxes PAP 20 Paper
    Rigid cardboard boxes PAP 21 or C/PAP81 Paper
    PVC boxes PVC 3 Plastic
    Paper shopper PAP 22 or C/PAP81 Paper
    Stainless steel pins / clips FE40
Metals and aluminium
    Mylar splints PET 1 Plastic
    PVC splints PVC 3 Plastic